FTP工具FlashFXP 4.1.7(1688)多国语言版

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BpFTP 支持多目录选择文件,暂存目录;




可以跳过指 定的文件类型,只传送需要的本件;


暂存远程目录列表,支持FTP代理及Socks 3&4;




FlashFXP v4.1.7 build 1688 maintenance release

Changes in this release

Improved http proxy and ftp ssl/tls handshakes.

Improved passive mode connections via a proxy server.

Fixed: [ftp/list/parser] trailing spaces in file/folder names were being truncated.

Fixed: [ftp/ssl] Improved and addressed some issues related to ssl session re-use on the data connection socket.

Fixed: [ftp/ssl] When closing the ssl session of a data connection FlashFXP wasn't waiting for an answer from the server, technically this is acceptable but could be a security risk? This change makes FlashFXP compatible with vsftpd when the config setting strict_ssl_read_eof=Yes

Upgraded SFTP engine to the latest version.

Fixed: [UI/drawing/non-themed] a small area of the toolbar background wasn't being painted correctly and displayed random colors.

Fixed: [ftp/upload] In some situations the upload would fail with a "File Read Error".

Fixed: [ftp/proxy/data connection] When connecting to a local proxy via the hostname if the hostname resolved to an IPv6 address in some cases the IPv6 address was treated as an IPv4 address resulting in a data connection failure.

Improved: [site configuration] Site Manager > FTP > Option "Use site IP for passive mode connections". The previous build wasn't using this option correctly causing a malfunction on some FTP servers.

Fixed: [transfer/case conversion] Filename case conversion option when using 'first character upper case' the first character was not upper-cased.

Fixed: [queue] When performing an en-queued delete operation if the connection to the server was lost then FlashFXP did not mark the delete operation as failed and go onto the next item in the queue.

Improved: [local browser/tree] The performance of local browser tree navigation when navigating network file locations.

Fixed: [task scheduler/task] When using the weekly schedule and selecting Wednesday, it would report a COM error "the parameter is incorrect".

Fixed: [proxy] SOCKS/HTTP proxy issue when using a local LAN based proxy to connect to a remote FTP server where the FTP server PASV reply returns a local LAN IP address.

Improved: [site configuration] Site Manager > FTP > Option "Use site IP for passive mode connections", This setting now has 3 states, unchecked (off), checked (on), and intermediate (auto-detect).

Fixed: [key manager] Exporting public and private keys via the key manager. (BUG #619)

Fixed: [ftp/data connection] after a passive data connection failure the retry attempt would also fail because an internal state flag wasn't reset back to default.

Fixed: [sftp/upload] a defect triggered by uploading a 0 byte file using the SFTP protocol, after the upload completed the next upload or directory listing would fail.

Added: [custom commands] the ability to create symbolic links (SFTP protocol) using a custom command, the syntax is "SITE SYMLINK "

Misc: More general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations.



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